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We are a Full Service Manufacturing Company

We specialize in high quality, precision component parts prepared exactly as specified on customer engineered drawings. Our computerized systems allow us to integrate all phases of a step-by-step process for each job we encounter. It is our intention to see that each and every part we manufacture is delivered quickly and exactly as specified.

From small beginnings in 1989, Raycar Gear & Machine has grown steadily — adding CNC equipment, computerized processes and skilled operators. Over the years, our operations have expanded into an impressive manufacturing firm, which includes the ability to manufacture high quality, precision gears achieving and often exceeding AGMA class 12.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and can provide material and process certifications for any items manufactured. We have experience in machining numerous types of materials from exotic high temperature alloys and stainless steels to aluminum and plastics. Our team is fully knowledgeable as to how different materials react to such processes and we plan our manufacturing process accordingly. Raycar is a reliable source for parts for your OEM products.

Raycar has relocated operations occupying over 30,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.

With twenty years of experience in the industry, we built our reputation by offering exceptional service to our customers. Raycar is committed to continuously improving its equipment and processes to ensure each customer always receives the high quality, precision parts they require.

Raycar Gear & Machine Co.
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