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Gear Grinding

Gear Grinding is State-of-the-Art at Raycar

When extremely smooth and quiet operation is necessary, we can always count on our three CNC Gear Grinders. These full axis CNC machines allow the capacity to grind practically any tooth profile including crown, taper, tip relief, and just about any imaginable modification required by our customers. Raycar can consistently achieve and often exceed AGMA Class 12 quality gears.

Our Hofler Helix 700 CNC Gear Grinder allows us to grind gear teeth only up to approximately 27.8 inches in diameter. When smaller grinding wheels are needed for close shoulder requirements, Raycar’s Hofler Helix 400 KK Gear Grinder is the proper machine for the job. Any standard or metric spur gears and helical gears can be ground on our Hofler Helix 400 Gear Grinder. All three of these machines assist in boosting Raycar’s performance level to a leader in manufacturing ground gears.

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» Hofler Helix 700 CNC Gear Grinder
» Hofler Helix 400 CNC Gear Grinder
» Hofler Helix 400KK CNC Gear Grinder

The combination of our up-to-date, reliable CNC gear grinders and experienced machinists enable Raycar to produce ground gears efficiently and competitively. We have several experienced operators running these high tech machines around the clock to insure quick turn around, enabling us to remain a top quality gear manufacturer.

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