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Raycar Gears
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Raycar is a Full Service CNC Manufacturing Facility with the Latest in
Technology to Produce Both High Quality Machined Parts and Precision
Gears of AGMA Class 12 or Better

Our skilled technicians work from many of the most popular CAD program drawing files (CAD/CAM, DWG, DXF, SLDDRW, CDL IGES, VDA, ProE, or ASCII files). We are equipped with CNC lathes and CNC Mills providing both turning and milling services. Operations like drilling, milling, tapping, wire EDM, OD ID hard turning, ID grinding, and OD grinding are performed at Raycar allowing us to insure on-time deliveries for overall customer satisfaction.

We are also your source for many types of medium pitch gears. We have the capacity to manufacture spur gears, helical gears, and splined shafts complete to required customer specifications. Not only do we offer complete gears, but we offer specialty operations, such as, hobbing only, shaping only, and gear grinding only. Raycar’s specialty is providing its customers with high quality, precision parts, competitively priced, with on-time delivery.

Please allow us the opportunity to quote:

• Spur Gears
• Helical Gears
• Spline Shafts
• Fine Pitch Gears
• Medium Pitch Gears
• Ground Gears
• Hobbed Gears
• Crown Gears

• Pump Gears
• Planetary Gears
• Internal Spur Gears
• Internal Helical Gears
• Keyways
• Wire EDM Keyways
• Wire EDM Gear Teeth
• Sprockets

• Gear Blanks
• Turning
• OD ID Hard Turning
• ID Grinding
• OD Grinding
• Milling

Raycar provides prototype services, as well as, medium production runs. We are a quality driven manufacturer with experienced operators always controlling and constantly improving our gear processes. We look forward to doing business with your company.

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Raycar Gear & Machine Co.
6125 11th Street
Rockford, Illinois 61109

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