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Gear Shaping

Another Method of Gear Cutting is Shaping

Shaping is done when hobbing is not an option. Raycar has recently upgraded its shaping capabilities with the addition of a Mitsubishi ST40 CNC Gear Shaper. This machine offers dramatically shortened changeover time because of shaping of various helical gears by the CNC control without the need of a helical guide. The combination of the shortened changeover time and Raycar’s experienced operators has allowed Raycar to become much more productive in shaping gears. This CNC machine, with its heavy duty, high speed operation offers internal and external helical cutting. It is the perfect companion to Raycar’s manual Fellows Gear Shapers.

Shaping Features:

• Maximum External Diameter 15.75 Inches or 400 mm
• Maximum Internal Diameter 9.84 Inches or 250 mm Plus Cutter
• 8 Module, 3.2 Diametrical Pitch
• Maximum Cutter Stroke Length 5.3 Inches or 135 mm

Keyways are an Important Aspect of Gear Manufacturing

Raycar has the capacity to cut keyways using any one of three options. Most of our keyways are done on our Davis Keyseater which has the ability to run high volume, production size orders. Our Keyway Shaper with a 4 inch stroke length is another keyway option for Raycar. When higher precision keyways are required, Raycar has wire EDM capabilities.

Raycar’s keyway equipment capabilities allow us to cut approximately 1 inch keyways.We can produce taper keyways, blind keyways and cut multiple keyways in gears and shafts.

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